Chiptuning is the common name for the process of optimizing vehicle engine management software by changing the parameters.
This results in improved performance and/or lower fuel consumption, and the addition or removal of functions.
Today the term ‘chip tuning’ is used to describe the process of modifying that software. There is no longer addition of special electronic components (chips), but instead the ECU’s (Engine Control Unit) software itself is modified and then written back into the vehicle ECU. That’s why we prefer the term ECU remapping.

Process of ECU optimisation/chiptuning


Read out the vehicle ECU

This is done by reading the software with special tools over an OBD2 diagnostic port or, directly from ECU itself. It’s done either by connecting to ECU port or by opening ECU and connecting directly to the processor and special contact points.


Optimisation of the software

After reading and uploading the original file to our system, our experienced in-house developers modify the settings and map the values needed to achieve the desired results for each vehicle individually.
Once the software optimisation is complete, it is saved in the database together with the original file, and delivered to the customer via our system.


Writing the software

Modified software is developed exactly for the specific vehicle model, year, engine and ECU, and can be written into the ECU in the same way as it was read. After the writing of the optimized software, your vehicle instantly benefits from the optimized software and performance.

Is chiptuning
Tuning or ECU remapping is the cheapest way of modifying vehicle software and thus altering the performance, characteristics and functions of the vehicle. The price depends on several factors including professional tool & licence expenses, the remap development price for your specific ECU and the software and workshop time, and is set by each dealer individually for their market. For the exact price it is best to contact one of our dealers closest to you.
What are
the advantages
to chiptuning?
The main advantage is releasing the full potential of your engine and vehicle itself, which has been tamed from the factory to achieve emissions and fuel consumption norms for different markets, or to position vehicle in the lower price bracket due to marketing decisions. Further, it is a completely reversible if you ever want to go back to the original stock form.

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